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The journey to grow into a better leader is challenging. Indeed, this is a life-long journey involving trial and error. This process demands both energy and courage.


Rösslyng offers coaching to support you in achieving your goals. This can involve generating development plans, as well as overcoming intrinsic and extrinsic hurdles. Any change that implies behavior and cognition needs a clear goal and strategy, as well as continuous and sometimes thought-provoking feedback, reflection and support.


Many managers benefit greatly by working with an experienced coach. Someone who will support you in reaching your goals faster and with less effort than if you were by yourself.


Dr Edith Rian is trained in Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching by

The Coaching Academy. She is also a certified Still Moving Practitioner trained in applying mindfulness in complex change processes.

Find out more about how Edith helped people achieve their goals.

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”



7 Habits of highly efficient people” by Stephen Covey 

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