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The Nordic values of trust, humility, creativity and a shared common vision are at the heart of everything we do at Rösslyng.

The Nordic leadership approach


Nordic countries are attracting considerable attention. One reason is because they consistently rank highly on global ratings in terms of wealth, productivity, digitalization, education, health, innovation, and happiness(1-5). Much of this success has been accredited to the Nordic leadership style.


This means: 

  • Trust underpins everything 

  • Leadership is participative through delegation of power 

  • Leaders play down their authority and functioning more like a coach  

  • Leaders set an inspiring yet realistic direction 

  • Team cooperate and understand that every employee’s voice is important 

The Nordic leadership style initiates more engagement and accountability and develops a breeding ground for creativity(6). Rösslyng brings this unique leadership style to the table.

“Nordic organizations are among the most agile and innovative in the world. Nordic leaders have excellent soft skills, enabling them to keep a finger on the pulse of the market and the people at the same time”

Nordic Leadership by the Nordic Council of Ministers, 2018

Central values of the Nordic work-life
Central values of the Nordic working life
Nordic leadership.jpg

Research shows that this approach fosters a growth in performance, health and profitability(7).

The Nordics are not waiting around to find out when the future begins. They are already leading the way 


Return of the Vikings – Nordic Leadership in the Times of Extreme Change 

by Chris Shern and Henrik Jeberg.



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