Edith is a fabulous coach whom I trust implicitly. Over the sessions I have become more and more comfortable to be myself and be totally open, and this I put down to Edith’s supportive open manner and non-judgmental attitude. Her questioning techniques, ability to hold my emotions and to lead me to an empowered position by the end of each session is fabulous.

Business Owner, Manchester, England

Edith is both inspiring and encouraging, but never judging. With her help I have successfully achieved two of my high priority goals, which has already led to a better life for me and my family. The strategies that I learned from these sessions will carry me far down the road for me to achieve more goals in life. 

Project Manager, McLean, USA

After coaching with Edith I understand more about my values and their impact on my decisions in life. This gave me security and self-confidence on the choices and decisions that I made for myself and as a leader. I also realised how patterns and habits that I have created throughout my life had become hurdles to my goals and myself. Now I realise that I can reach my goals quite easily by continuing to go step-by-step.

Department Manager, Oslo, Norway

Coaching with Edith helped me to see my values and identify what I would like to do at work. I came to realize that I didn’t like my work not because of the work itself but because I lacked direction and goals. During the coaching process I was able to identify the goal and I am now on a path to reach this goal. It’s been very fruitful discussions.

Senior Scientist, Oslo, Norway

I feel blessed to have had Edith Rian as my coach. Throughout the process she helped me gain awareness and make solid decisions on areas of my life where I had felt stuck for many years. Edith has excellent listening skills, she listens not only to what is said but also to what is not being said. She always mirrored back to me my values and my ambitions, helping me regain focus on the really meaningful areas of my life. Edith has a great positive presence, which empowered me to commit to my actions and bring positive changes in my life.

Coach and Founder, Barcelona, Spain