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Edith Rian, PhD.

Leadership development from a Nordic perspective

Let's develop leaders for the future


Rösslyng offers tailored leadership development influenced by Nordic leadership. We help your managers lead with more impact and less effort – equipping them for tomorrow's challenges.

Business is changing faster than ever. How can you best develop your leaders and prepare them for these dynamic times?

Let's develop the next generation of leaders

Strategic programs aligned with your organization’s goals

Learn new skills and get a fresh perspective

Challenge yourself, grow and achieve more

What is Nordic leadership

What is Nordic leadership?


Globally, Nordic values and the Nordic way of life attract considerable attention. Why is this? Because Nordic countries consistently rank highly on global ratings in terms of wealth, productivity, digitalization, education, health, innovation and happiness. Much of this has been accredited to the Nordic Leadership approach. The values of Nordic organizations, such as trust, humility, creativity and an inspiring yet realistic direction are at the heart of everything we do at Rösslyng.

Edith is a fabulous coach whom I trust implicitly


Business Owner, Manchester, England

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