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Leadership development programs

Strategic programs aligned with your organization’s goals

We offer strategic leadership programs aligned with your organization’s goals. The Rösslyng Leadership Programs are based on well-documented organizational psychology theory and methods. These methods promote and support the journey from the first role as a manager through to executive leader.

Behavioral change takes time. To transfer learning into action, Rösslyng Leadership Development Programs apply a comprehensive combination of theory and real-life challenges - challenges that your managers confront on a daily basis.

Edith Rian presenting to Leaders

Leadership coaching

Challenge yourself, grow and achieve more

The journey to grow into a better leader is challenging. Indeed, this is a life-long journey involving trial and error. This process demands both energy and courage.

Rösslyng offers coaching to support you in achieving your goals. This can involve generating development plans, as well as overcoming intrinsic and extrinsic hurdles. Any change that implies behavior and cognition needs a clear goal and strategy, as well as continuous and sometimes thought-provoking feedback, reflection and support.

Many managers benefit greatly by working with an experienced coach. Someone who will support you in reaching your goals faster and with less effort than if you were by yourself.

Dr Edith Rian is trained in Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching by The Coaching Academy. She is also a certified Still Moving Practitioner trained in applying mindfulness in complex change processes.

Roesslyng Coaching

Workshops and seminars

Learn new skills and get a fresh perspective

Rösslyng offers workshops on topics such as:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Develop your superpower 

  • Self-Leadership and Super-Leadership: You lead at your best when you first lead yourself 

  • Values and Beliefs: How they drive you and how they stop you 

  • Trust-Based Leadership: How to build trust and what to do when it’s broken 

  • The Coaching Manager: Lead with more impact and less effort 

  • True Motivation: Increase your influence by understanding motivation 

Developing Industrial Leaders
Leadership Development from a Nordic Perspective

Nordic countries are attracting considerable attention. One reason is because they consistently rank highly on global ratings in terms of wealth, productivity, digitalization, education, health, innovation, and happiness.* Much of this success has been accredited to the Nordic leadership style.

This means: 

  • Trust underpins everything 

  • Leadership is participative through delegation of power 

  • Leaders play down their authority and functioning more like a coach  

  • Leaders set an inspiring yet realistic direction 

  • Team cooperate and understand that every employee’s voice is important

The Nordic leadership style initiates more engagement and accountability and develops a breeding ground for creativity.** Rösslyng brings this unique leadership style to the table.

Leadership development from a Nordic perspective

Research shows that this approach fosters a growth in performance, health and profitability.***



* Global Innovation Index 2018: The IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2018: World Happiness Report 2018: OECD Level of GDP per Capita and Productivity 2017: World Population Review Healthiest countries 2019:

** Nordic Leadership Report 2018 by the Nordic Council of Ministers:

*** Bård Kuvaas & Anders Dysvik. Lønnsomhet gjennom menneskelige ressurser, Evidensbasert HRM. 3rd ed, 2016. (Profitability through human resources, evidence based HRM).

Central values of the Nordic working life

Roesslyng, the inspiration for our business
Who is Roesslyng GmbH

About Edith Rian

Edith Rian - Founder and Director of Rösslyng GmbH

Originally from Norway, I relocated to Germany with my family in 2012. Working and living in different countries and collaborating across borders have afforded me significant cross-cultural experience.

In addition to being a consultant, I am a mum, an avid runner and a curious reader.

Edith Rian hiking in Norway

So I began my journey.

My explorations drove me to initiate the first leadership training for young science leaders in Norway. The outcome was so successful that I delved into the topic of leadership.

Fast forward to today, and I've acquired a breadth of business experience across a wide range of organizations in several countries. I have worked as a manager in the life sciences sector, including in a multinational Fortune 500 company, German SMEs, a start-up and in academia. My roles have included hands-on experience in operations management and R&D teams up to senior leadership in laboratories and manufacturing companies.

Always the scientist at heart, I only support leadership models based on evidence and best practice. My programs offer methods and models supported by scientific research.

Qualifications at a glance

  • Executive Master of Management in Leadership​

  • Diploma in Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching

  • Certified Still Moving Change Practitioner

  • PhD in Molecular Biology, Master of Science in Biotechnology

  • Fluent in Norwegian, English, German and other Scandinavian languages

About Rösslyng GmbH

Located in Bonn, Germany, we work with organizations throughout Europe.

We train your managers from their first leadership experience right through to senior management level. Our training programs are based on well-documented leadership models with the Nordic Leadership Approach at its core. Your managers can immediately implement their learning while understanding  that leadership development is a life-long journey.

Edith Rian is ICF Certified.

Where the name Rösslyng comes from

If you’ve ever had the chance to hike in the Nordic mountains, you’ll notice clusters of small, pink flowers everywhere. These are called Rösslyng. While they may appear delicate, these tiny flowers are resilient and thrive in the harsh Nordic winters. The Rösslyng reflects the modest but "together we are strong" spirit of the north.

Roesslyng in Norway

Let's develop leaders for the future

The Nordic values of trust, humility, creativity and a shared common vision are at the heart of everything Rösslyng does.

We offer comprehensive leadership development programs, tailored workshops and training, plus individual and team coaching.

Rösslyng tailors leadership development programs based on your organization’s needs, strategy and goals. We'll work together to best identify the most suitable solutions for you and your managers.

Globally, Nordic values and the Nordic way of life attract considerable attention. Why is this? Because Nordic countries consistently rank highly on global ratings in terms of wealth, productivity, digitalization, education, health, innovation and happiness. Much of this has been accredited to the Nordic Leadership approach. The values of Nordic organizations, such as trust, humility, creativity and an inspiring yet realistic direction are at the heart of everything we do at Rösslyng.

Who we are

Our mission is to develop managers to become effective and inspiring leaders - leaders capable of creating a sustainable workplace where people and profit grow hand on hand.

The Nordic values of trust, humility, creativity and a shared common vision are at the heart of everything we do.

Edith Rian PhD. Roesslyng GmbH

Leadership development from a Nordic perspective

Business is changing faster than ever. How can you best develop your leaders and prepare them for these dynamic times?

Nordic leadership

Leadership development

“Edith has a great positive presence, which empowered me to commit to my actions and bring positive changes in my life”

Coach and Founder, Barcelona, Spain

“Edith is both inspiring and encouraging, but never judging. With her help I have successfully achieved two of my high priority goals”

Project Manager, McLean, USA

“Edith is a fabulous coach whom I trust implicitly”

Business Owner, Manchester, England


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Roesslyng Let's Develop Leades for the Future
Roesslyng Leadership Development
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